Howland Falls

Howland Falls is located in Bear Island NB

45°55'41.4"N 67°01'09.5"W

To see this waterfall, drive about 1 km up the Scotch Lake Road in Bear Island.  Just before the bridge you will find a place to park on the left.  The trail is pretty obvious on the opposite side of the road facing back from the bridge.  Its not a bad trail, but has a pretty good slope near the bottom.  People often use this Falls for a swimming place in the summer time. 

Howland Falls, is an 11-meter high tiered waterfall.  The falls are very picturesque however the last few times we visited it was being taking over with peoples garbage, beer cans bottles and old blankets.  Always take out more than you bring.

                                                    Beautiful, tranquil falls with a pretty nice deep pool at its base.