Raggedy Ass Falls

Another great day with the family, we visited one very amazing waterfall in our area.  This water fall is one of 4.  Raggedy Ass Falls are located on the Sand Brook Road near Hoyt NB.  The road does turn a bit rough getting to the falls I would recommend a SUV or Truck; however one can always park at the bridge and walk in to the falls.  The falls have a deep swimming pool at the bottom making this an excellent place to take a plunge of the cliff, however we never have done it and I would take great precaution as jumping into unknown waters is never safe. So if unsure one can just  sit and try some fishing or just relax by the pool..  The walk to the falls is thru a very picturesque gorge.  The trails are very easy walking/hiking and pretty well marked.  This is truly a very nice place to spend the day.