Saturday Afternoon Road Bumble

After a long hard week at work I finally had a Saturday day and decided to go on a little road bumble on some of the old logging roads just of the Hanwell NB.  I can honestly say if you take your time and actually just stop and take a breath of fresh air it amazes me what a person will see.  Nature sure paints a beautiful picture, some of those paintings that nature creates took may years to accomplish and will never be completed.

This place would be great for bird watching, hiking, atving, you name it ...and of course hunting and fishing.

I love to WATCH frogs not meaning I would like to hold one or come to close as they also creep me out but sure love to just sit and watch them do absolutely do nothing and thinking how cool it would be just to be a frog and hang out in the water all

Seen some Blue Flags not sure that is the correct name however it is for me they had a bunch of bugs on them but were still a nice sight to see...

We came across a semi washed out bridge but was a great place to hang out for a few minutes wish i would have brought some fly spray or coils so I could have stayed longer there but I am pretty sure if we stayed longer somebody would have just found my skeleton as the horse flies would have licked my bones


REALLY MOM!  My daughters face when I tell just one more picture...

Came across another little bridge over the Lyons stream nice place to hang out put once again WHERE was the fly spray.....oh yeah at home on the

Down by the stream the 2 children found a stick and looks to me they were trying to figure out what

We kept on driving and came across a great beaver house the front door was open we knocked but unfortunately nobody was