Day on the Meduxnekeag

We went to spend a beautiful Saturday at a local hang out spot on the Meduxnekeag River in Woodstock NB.  This is a great place for fishing, bird watching, hiking swimmin tubing or just taken in some sun rays. The Meuxnekeag River originates from the Meduxnekeag lake located in New Limerick Maine the lake is also know the the local ppl of New Limerick as Drews Lake.  The river is approximately 56 km long.

On the Canadian site of the boarder the watershed of the meduxnekeag is home to one of the largest mature Appalachian Hardwood Forest in Atlantic Canada.  The forest is home to many rare plants in province such as  black raspberry, wild ginger, showy orchids and wild coffee just to name a few.  

Since 1998 the Meduxnekeag River association based in Woodstock NB has purchased approximately 500 acres of forest including close to 4 miles of undeveloped shorelines.

Large sections of the River are easy to canoe and kayak and annual canoe races are held on both sides of the boarder.  Many recreational canoeist put in canoes just below the bridge on the North Branch a typical half day canoe trip would consist of passing through beautiful scenic country and some wide spread wetland sure to get a climbs of a moose, bear etc.


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