So we took my daughter to a local discount store and she notice a bird feeder she wanted to buy and paint, and of course we said yes.  Once home she started painting it having a great time spending time away from computers TV etc..  A few days after she was done painting the feeder the way she wanted it we hung it our surprise the birds loved it....literally bird fights amongst different was funny to watch while I was sitting in the Jeep with the windows down taken pictures of the birds...Below are a couple of birds that came to visit.

The dark eyed Juncos are also known as the snowbird, the Junco is one of the most common bird in North America and appears when winter sets in and heads north when warmer weather starts arriving.  It is believed there are approximately 630 million individual Snowbirds and the oldest snowbird is to believe to have been a little over 11 years old.  The Juncos usually form large flocks in the winter and commonly have a pecking orders and ranking orders the earlier arrived birds usually rank higher in the flock.  The Snowbird tends to share feeding grounds with sparrows and bluebirds, however are very territorial in the summer time chasing off any unwanted intruders with call notes and hasty flight

The Blue Jay is a very pretty songbird and is very familiar to many people with its blue crest, white and black feathers and of course the loud noisy sometimes annoying  bird calls.  The Blue Jay families have a very intelligence and close social system with a very close family bond.  With the love of the acorn the Blue Jays is credited for helping the spread of the oak tree after the last glacial period.