Big Pokiok Falls

The Big Pokiok Falls are very easy to find.  Take exit 231 coming from Fredericton and turn towards Nackawick.  Turn right after crossing the Pokiok stream.  This road turns to gravel shortly into it, take caution as this is an logging road beware the you may encounter a pulp truck hauling lumber on this road.  Continue on this road  you will pass under the route 2.  Keep driving for roughly 3 km and you will come to a the park sign the road to the left goes to a small parking area near the Hiker's Dream Trail head.   However if you drive pass the sign continuing straight for a small distance you will cross a small bridge just pass the bridge on the right is parking for the Stream side trail there is also a shelter.  The Stream side trail has some very beautiful waterfalls.  All trails are well marked with markers on the trails are picnic tables and camp-sites.  This park is great for fishing, bird watching hiking and we also seen a mink.